Specialty Care

Clogged Pores and Blackheads Strip Solution for Oily/Combination Skin
Combination, Acne/Breakouts and Oily
0 review(s)

Size Available: 6 strips
Price: $14.50

Lotion X
Clogged Pores and Blackhead Removal Lotion for Oily Skin
Combination, Sensitive, Acne/Breakouts and Oily
0 review(s)

Size Available: 5 oz
Price: $32.00

Lemon Extract
Night Uneven Pigmentation Cream for Sensitive Skin
Mature/Aging and Sensitive
0 review(s)

Size Available: 1 oz
Price: $28.50

Nanoestique® Serum
Anti-Aging Nourishing Nano-Particles Set of 30 Serums Ampoule Pads
Mature/Aging, Premature Aging and Sensitive
0 review(s)

Size Available: 30 refills
Price: $49.50

Disinfecting Roll-on Pimple Remover for Breakouts
0 review(s)

Size Available: 0.3 oz
Price: $10.00

Q Serum
Skin corrector, for oily skin/breakouts
Acne/Breakouts and Oily
0 review(s)

Size Available: 2 oz
Price: $75.00

Valbrite Whitening Complex
Whitening serum for pigmented skin
Mature/Aging and Premature Aging
0 review(s)

Size Available: 2 oz
Price: $75.00

Wrinkle Softening Serum
"Elixir de Jouvence" for mature skin
Mature/Aging and Premature Aging
0 review(s)

Size Available: 2 oz
Price: $75.00

Vita Repair Skin Serum
Vitamin & Flower Hydrating Serum
Combination, Dehydrated, Dry, Mature/Aging, Premature Aging, Sensitive, Acne/Breakouts and Oily
0 review(s)

Size Available: 2 oz
Price: $75.00

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Christina - NJ

Can't live without Special Creme #11!

Alex Kroytor - New York

At first, I was very skeptical about having a student perform a facial on me and now I wonder why I waited so long to go! I truly can't wait to go back and experience the phenomenal atmosphere, pleasant staff, and experienced estheticians. The receptionist greeted me with a smile and ensured my visit was off to a great start with her cheery demeanor. My esthetician Tomomi and her instructor Natasha were fantastic and surpassed all expectations. Special Thanks to student Tomomi Horie for the greatest experience I've ever encountered while getting a facial. Tomomi went above and beyond to ensure I received the greatest care when I visited Christine Valmy. She was kind and gentle, and really made me feel comfortable. Tomomi took the time to not only exfoliate my skin, but also allow me to relax and leave refreshed. It was very clear she wasn't just working but she was actually caring for the client. She really worked wonders and I am so thankful she was the one to perform my facial! Kudos to instructor Natasha for not only guiding the students while they worked, but also performing exfoliations herself. Natasha provided expert recommendations and assisted Tomomi in how to care for my sensitive skin. She guaranteed I would leave pleased and once they were finished I was beyond satisfied. Thank you to everyone at Christine Valmy for an unforgettable experience! I can't wait to come again!!!

Nancy Messenger R.N. (Licensed Esthetician, Certified Professional Electrologist) - NY, NY

Body Satin truely lives up to it's name. Every facial I do, Body Satin is included for hands, arms, shoulders and neck massage. As someone who suffers from body lotion allergies, Body Satin is the only moisturizer I can use!

Mary Conlin - Wilmington, DE

"I absolutely LOVE the Valnel Day Protection moisturizer by Christine Valmy. I have very oily skin which is prone to occasional breakouts and have tried many other products searching for the perfect moisturizer. When I use this product it feels light on my skin and smells great! I would recommend it to anyone who is searching for that perfect product."

Ana - NYC

Love it! I'm using Lotion X once a week and the results are impressive, my nose is cleared from blackheads, I can't recommend this enough!