Specialty Care

Clogged Pores and Blackheads Strip Solution for Oily/Combination Skin
Combination, Acne/Breakouts and Oily
0 review(s)

Size Available: 6 strips
Price: $14.50

Lemon Extract
Night Uneven Pigmentation Cream for Sensitive Skin
Mature/Aging and Sensitive
0 review(s)

Size Available: 1 oz
Price: $28.50

Nanoestique® Serum
Anti-Aging Nourishing Nano-Particles Set of 30 Serums Ampoule Pads
Mature/Aging, Premature Aging and Sensitive
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Size Available: 30 refills
Price: $49.50

Disinfecting Roll-on Pimple Remover for Breakouts
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Size Available: 0.3 oz
Price: $10.00

Q Serum
Skin corrector, for oily skin/breakouts
Acne/Breakouts and Oily
0 review(s)

Size Available: 2 oz
Price: $75.00

Valbrite Whitening Complex
Whitening serum for pigmented skin
Mature/Aging and Premature Aging
0 review(s)

Size Available: 2 oz
Price: $75.00

Wrinkle Softening Serum
"Elixir de Jouvence" for mature skin
Mature/Aging and Premature Aging
0 review(s)

Size Available: 2 oz
Price: $75.00

Vita Repair Skin Serum
Vitamin & Flower Hydrating Serum
Combination, Dehydrated, Dry, Mature/Aging, Premature Aging, Sensitive, Acne/Breakouts and Oily
0 review(s)

Size Available: 2 oz
Price: $75.00

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Mary Conlin - Wilmington, DE

"I absolutely LOVE the Valnel Day Protection moisturizer by Christine Valmy. I have very oily skin which is prone to occasional breakouts and have tried many other products searching for the perfect moisturizer. When I use this product it feels light on my skin and smells great! I would recommend it to anyone who is searching for that perfect product."

Christina - NJ

Can't live without Special Creme #11!

Ana - NYC

Love it! I'm using Lotion X once a week and the results are impressive, my nose is cleared from blackheads, I can't recommend this enough!

Christine Valmy Customer - NY, NY

I was 29 years old when I was first introduced to Valmy products. I had two children and had always had good skin until I had my second pregnancy. afterwards i had what people call the pregnancy mask. This is pigmented blotches that resemble a butterfly over the t-zone. I also started to get an oily t-zone. I tried everything that anyone would recommend. Nothing helped me. I looked like a teenager with acne blotched skin. My sister who was an Aesthetician living in NY invited me to come there and live with her while I attended Valmy school. During my 4 months there my skin was analysed and treated while I attended classes. 4 months later when I flew into the Memphis airport my husband did not recognize me. All my friends and family were amazed at how beautiful my skin was. Today I am 65 years old and I look 50 years old. I do not have any crows feet around my eyes nor do I have any wrinkles in my face. My skin is smooth and my color is a beautiful olive complexion. Valmy does not make false promises. She does not promise a miracle or say you have an instant result although you will see and feel a difference in your skin after your first use. What she does promise is a gradual daily improvement of your skin to a healthy beautiful skin. Over time you will see lines disappear, dark spots fading and any acne cleared up. With regular visits to your Aesthecian for exfoliation and penetration you will see results even faster, even scar tissue from previous acne can be reduced with Aesthetic facials. I have run a business since 1980 with only "by word of mouth advertisement". First myself then by the word of my clients. My clients tell me that they receive compliments on their skin and then the question "what do you do". this is how I have built a clientele, simply by others viewing the results of my present clients. You will not be disappointed, you will not trash another bottle saying this doesn't do what it says it will do when you convert to Valmy. The products clearly state what consistent use will do and it does it. Its that simple.

Li Li Liu - Mo

I don't know how many times I have ordered. My friends always ask me to buy the items,like Lotion X,#11 cream, and Poor Soothing Mask.